Carra attacks G Nev on Man United legend Scholes: ‘If he was so good, why was he played on the left for England?’

A fascinating argument broke out at the end of Monday Night Football over who was better: Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard or Paul Scholes.

Jamie Carragher was quick to give his opinion, saying “everyone knows I’d go Gerrard, Lampard, Scholes.”

While Carragher went on to rationalise his choices, many observers felt the ex-Liverpool defenders choice, particularly that of Scholes in third place, was reflective on deep-rooted rivalry with Manchester United.

After Carra’s input, Gary Neville hit back. “Paul Scholes is the best player I’ve ever played with.”

Then the bitchiness kicked in.

Carragher challenged Scholes’ legacy, asking “if he was so good, why was he played on the left for England?” and “why did Sir Alex Ferguson buy Veron then?”

Watch the lively debate on Paul Scholes’ legacy below, along with some tweets on the argument.