Carlos Cuellar & John Carew star in superb Aston Villa virals (video)

Hats off to Aston Villa for these brilliant viral videos.

Looking to inspire their fans to buy up season tickets for next season, the Villains have gone about raising awareness by using defender Carlos Cuellar to star in a spoof video in which the Spaniard takes on the Villa groundsman.

Setting the scene, Cuellar is found taking part in an end of season interview at the Aston Villa training ground, only for his interview to be interrupted by the groundsman on his grass-cutting vehicle. But Cuellar soon manages to silence the disruptive background figure.

The Aston Villa spoof video can be seen here.

In a second video on a similar theme, Norwegian striker John Carew also found himself trying to give an interview outside Villa Park, only for the interview to be halted because the club badge on the ground was flickering.

John Carew soon fixed the situation with a rasping shot.