Cardiff owner Vincent Tan gives his side of story to fans: ‘I saved your club’, hits out at racist English press

Cardiff owner Vincent Tan is the Premier League’s persona non grata for his bizarre and eccentric behavior at the helm of the Welsh club this season.

After sacking Malky Macky earlier this season, the rage against Tan went into overdrive, with the Malaysian earning true pariah status by that stage.

He’s stoically kept his silence until now, but Tan feels the time had come to tell his side of the story.

And he really goes all out.

Tan insists it’s only a 10 per cent minority who are protesting against him, and stands over his decision to sack Macky, who he says was lucky to get the job in the first place; while kindly reminding the fans that he saved the club from extinction.

Enigmatically revealing that the ‘truth will come out one day’, Tan leaves us guessing as to further mysteries inside the club.

Tan then turns his attention to the English press, who have had the knives out for him all season, and the Malaysian believes there is a certain level of racism involved in the campaign against him, while lamenting the figure they’ve created of him as some crazed Bond villain.

Watch the engaging Vinny Tan interview below.