Cahill’s snub: Everton midfielder refuses to talk to the Aussie media (video)

Tim Cahill is no stranger to bad press, but after receiving his latest backlash in the Australia, the Everton and Socceroo midfielder responded by delivering a short and cold interview with Fox Sports after his double lead Australia to victory over Japan on Wednesday.

The problem all stemmed from reports spread like wildfire that Cahill had been ejected from a Kings Cross nightclub for being drunk and disorderly. Despite the Football Federation Australia’s attempt to quell the rumours by putting out a statement that the charges were untrue, the story kept circulating unabated.

When a microphone was eventually placed under Cahill’s nose at full time on Wednesday, the Toffee may a point of refusing to participate freely in the interview, walking out on the cameras after just 30 seconds after repeatedly spouting the line “all I wanna do is thank the crowd.”

Tim Cahill’s prickily post match interview can be seen here.