But he spat in Hart’s face! Steve Bruce slams FA for trying George Boyd in a ‘kangaroo court’ [Video]

Steve Bruce clearly doesn’t have Sky+, nor does he use this website evidently, as he still firmly believes George Boyd did no wrong last weekend, despite the pictures showing the Hull player spitting in Joe Hart’s face (and he dived ffs).

Boyd was handed a 3-match ban for his base behaviour, but Bruce was still having none of it, and after seeing the club’s appeal rejected by an independent disciplinary panel this week, Bruce slammed the FA for trying Boyd in a ‘kangaroo court’.

Bruce said:

It’s like a kangaroo court – we don’t know who sits on it or who is accountable for it. The problem is we can’t go down and see anyone, we can’t be represented on this commission and we don’t know who sat on it.

“What we got was three referees on Monday morning saying that in their view he [Boyd] deliberately spat at him [Hart]. We’re totally disappointed and the whole system needs looking at.

“For me we don’t get a fair hearing because George Boyd would never spit at anybody but that’s what he has been found guilty of and we are aggrieved over it. George feels so strongly about it that if there was legal action he could take he would take it, because they are accusing him of something that is not in his make-up at all.”

Come on now, it’s hardly the Stalin show trials now Brucey.

Thank you!

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