But he plays for Barça? David Moyes: ‘We need Xavi [sic] Hernandez, he scores goals so we’ll continue to use him’

Manchester United manager David Moyes is a known aficionado of Spanish football, but he’s yet to master the nuances of the language.

Asked about Mexican striker Chicharito’s subversive retweeting of a story on Sunday about the possibility of him leaving the club, David Moyes was asked about Hernandez’s future at his Champions League press conference yesterday.

And he dismissed the notion of him leaving, insisting ‘We need Xavi…Hernandez. He scores goals for us, so we’ll continue to use him.

Doesn’t Xavi Hernandez play for Barcelona?

Relax, it’s just a joke on his simple mispronunciation/mixing up of Javi and Xavi, but an unfortunate and funny one nonetheless, as both players share the same family name ‘Hernandez’.

Aside from the mispronunciation, it wasn’t the most convincing of denials from Moyes…

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