Bullseye! Gökhan Inler (Napoli) smashes Chico Flores (Swansea) right in the face with a rifle shot [Vine]

Swansea went out of the Europa League with their heads held high tonight, the Welshmen eventually losing 3-1 to Napoli after having the advantage in the tie for the first half courtesy of a De Guzman away goal.

Gokhan Inler sealed the tie with Napoli’s third, essentially ending Swansea’s lingering hopes of an upset, but the Swiss lion made an arguably even greater contribution earlier on in the game.

Lining up for a rifle shot, Inler unleased a howitzer which was headed right for the top corner.

Until it hit Chico Flores right in the chops!

For once Flores could be justified in going to ground in some pain

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