Bulgarian legend Yordan Letchkov is sent to prison for abuse of power as Sliven’s mayor

Yordan Letchkov will always be a World Cup legend.

Back at USA ’94 the Bulgarian winger created a moment of World Cup magic when he scored a terrific diving header to knockout Germany in the quarterfinals of the competition.

Letchkov will always responsible for one of the great David versus Goliath moments in modern day international football, however he has now seen his reputation plummet beyond all recognition after being slapped with a two year prison sentence in his home country.

The past decade has seen Yordan Letchkov turn his life to local politics, with the ex-footballer repeatedly winning the race to be the mayor of his local town Sliven. That post however has become Letchkov’s downfall, after a court found him guilty of tax irregularities connected to a dodgy municipal water and sewerage deal which lost to city a shedload of funds.

Letchkov is expected to appeal his prison sentence, and we wait to see if the Bulgarian legend will manage to avoid going behind bars.

Watch Yordan Letchkov’s unforgettable diving header from World Cup 1994 below.

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