Bryan Prunty is a dirty cheat (Kilmarnock-Ayr)

Football is full of cheaters and it’s time to exposure a recent moment of high-quality deception from the little known Ayr United striker Bryan Prunty.

The incident took place during last week’s fourth round Scottish Cup tie between SPL side Kilmarnock and first division side Ayr, which we can all admit is hardly the most attractive fixture this season. However, arguably not since Maradona’s Hand of God moment has football witnessed a more stealthy handled goal, as Bryan Prunty “scored” so craftily that not one Kilmarnock player could tell what he did.

After 10 minutes of the match, Ayr’s Dean Keenan released Prunty with a ball over the top of the Killie backline, which saw the striker battling it out in a sprint-race with defender Simon Ford for who could get to the ball first. Fearing the ensuing danger, Kille keeper Alan Combe simultaneously decided to race off his goalline in an attempt to close off the attack.

With all three players converging on the same spot at the same time, Prunty threw out his left arm while stooping down for a header, punching the ball past the onrushing keeper and into the net. Amazingly, not one player was savvy to what actually happened, and the officials awarded that the goal legal.

Happily, karma is a bitch and Killie came back to win the match 3-1.

Bryan Prunty’s handball goal can be seen here.