Brutal Leg Break: Lukas Kragl (LASK Linz) vs Eddie Gustafsson (Red Bull Salzburg)

Quite simply, this is the most stomach-turning foul of the weekend and those of a squeamish disposition should look away now.

Sunday in Austria saw LASK Linz host Red Bull Salzburg, and the match was made memorable for all the wrong reasons as 33-year-old Swedish keeper Eddie Gustafsson had his leg shattered in a brutal tackle just before the interval.

Looking to clear his lines with home striker Lukas Kragl bearing down on him, goalie Gustafsson thumped the ball forward only to see the attacker follow through on his attempted tackle. The result was horrendous as Kragl, studs up, came crashing down on the keeper’s leg, causing his bone to instantly snap in a terrible, terrible scene.

Fear is now widespread that Gustafsson will never return to professional football after this horror injury.

Lukas Kragl’s shocking leg-breaking tackle on Eddie Gustafsson can be seen here.