Bromance Alert! Louis van Gaal gives Wayne Rooney a big hug at Manchester United training [Video]

So much for the Big Bad Wolf Louis van Gaal, as the Dutchman’s traditionally been depicted in the Spanish and German media; he’s been quite the opposite in his first week as Manchester United boss (though of course it’s early doors).

The man nicknamed the Iron Tulip had a bit of a moan at his press conference this morning, complaining about jetlag, the distances they have to travel, and the excessive commercial interests (a pretty iconoclastic lashing for such an early stage), but that was said for the good of the players, rather than a random rant.

At training, Van Gaal’s been in high spirits, and appears to be enjoying a budding player-boss relationship with Wayne Rooney, who many had predicted wouldn’t fit Van Gaal’s ‘dictatorial’ style.

After a nicely executed corner, Van Gaal turned to Rooney and gave him a big friendly bear hug.

Just imagine if he’d scored from it.

Faisal Alsaif got it on video and uploaded it to Instagram.