Broken net causes confusion in Brazil

In an incident more accustomed to Sunday League football, a Brazilian match was held up for nearly 10 minutes after Botafogo’s Alessandro “scored” through a broken net.

The trouble came about during the second half of Saturday’s Carioca (Rio de Janeiro state) championship match between Boavista and Botafogo, when a header from visiting defender Alessandro ended up in the net after the ball managed to make it’s way through a hole in the side-netting.

Whether cheekily or in good faith, the Botafogo players immediately began celebrating the “goal,” despite the fact that TV pictures clearly showed what had happened.

With the ref signalling that the goal should stand, Boavista players held up the game for several minutes in protest, going so far as to refuse to restart the match. And amazingly the Boavista players eventually got their wish, with the match officials finally back-tracking on their earlier decision and awarding a goal kick.

The matter though did not ended there.

Botafogo coach Ney Franco later suggested that officials had used television evidence, contrary to the laws of the game, in order to reach their final decision.

Franco: “A person who was in one of the television cabins came down and spoke to the officials. That’s why the goal was disallowed.”

Footage of the incident can be seen here (6 minutes in).