Viral campaign to Bring Ronaldo ‘Home’ to Manchester, a site launched last week, has been set up with the eponymous goal to bring Cristiano Ronaldo ‘home’ (even though technically that’s Madeira, but let’s not split hairs).

In a populous bid to return the ‘power’ to the fans, the campaign aims to raise the €1 billion required to trigger Ronaldo’s release clause from Real Madrid, by imploring Man United fans from around the world to pledge £10 as a deposit.

The movement claims this £10 deposit will only be taken if the campaign succeeds, i.e. if they manage to bring Ronaldo home.

Intriguingly though, the movement has been accused of being a scam; that should the bid fail the people behind it stand to pocket the leftover cash.

Two good investigative pieces have been written by Sportskeeda on this, which can be read here and here.

As it stands, 3813 fans have donated £1o each, meaning £38,130 has been raised so far.

Watch the Bring Ronaldo Home viral video campaign on the clip below.