Brilliant Sergio Busquets was Barcelona’s best player in Villarreal win [tactical analysis]

Sergio Busquets has to be one of the most underrated players on the planet.

Partly because of his perceived diving but mainly due to the fact that Busquets plays the game so simply and is rarely involved in the final pass or scoring for Barcelona and Spain.

Yet, his trophy haul at the age of 25 is simply staggering and when Busquets doesn’t play for his club or country it is always noticeable.

On Saturday, it was Neymar who received all the plaudits for the brace that secured Barcelona’s 2-1 win over Villarreal.

Yet, as the video shows below, it was Sergio Busquets that was the best player on the park.

And, it isn’t only Busquets’ defensive work. His positional play and tactical awareness are unparalleled. But as Spanish pundit Axel Torres proves, it can simply be a change in his body shape that makes such a big difference.

The video below, showing how brilliant Busquets was against Villarreal comes with English subtitles. The second video below shows how Barcelona used “verticality” to exploit Villarreal’s high line.

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