Brendan Rodgers takes swipe at Louis van Gaal with warning about Premier League [Back Pages]



rodgers3The story that dominates tomorrow’s back pages is Brendan Rodgers’ warning to rival manager Louis van Gaal about the Premier League.

The Daily Express, The Times and the Star all go with the story of how the Liverpool boss took aim at LVG following his side’s defeat to Manchester United in a pre-season fixture.

He rambled: “I think what he’ll find is the competition in this league will be different from any other league that he’s worked in. In a lot of the other leagues there are one or two teams and those are the teams that are expected to win.

This is a league where the top team plays the bottom team and on any given day you can lose. You don’t get that a lot in the other leagues. I think the competition will probably take him by surprise and that’s from foreign managers I have spoken to over the years.

I’ve worked closely with foreign players who have come in and that real physical competitive nature will be different from anywhere else he’s worked before.”

In many respects, Rodgers’ attempts at mind games with van Gaal look ill-advised, especially on this subject given that the Dutchman has won league titles in three countries, topping the table in his first attempts in both Spain and Germany.

This should be the start of a very interesting clash of personalities.