Brendan Rodgers: Suarez needs to apologise… he won’t be going to Arsenal [Video]

After Liverpool’s 1-0 defeat to Celtic in their final pre-season friendly, Brendan Rodgers was questioned about Luis Suarez and was pretty forthright in his views.

Rodgers: “Initially there will be a recognition that [there needs to be] an apology to his team-mates and the club. I have seen him over a period of time I know it is not the Luis Suarez we know and I have to protect the fans and the players because they deserve more than that. He has spent some days working on his own. The group has been separate to that and working very hard.”

The Liverpool boss added: “When he is back from his international trip [Suarez will travel to Japan with Uruguay in midweek] we will assess it from there. I spoke to John [Henry] when we were in Norway during the week and we are all on the same page really. We are adamant that he will not be going to Arsenal – that is for sure. We want to keep him. Luis missed a few games at the end of last season and we continued to score and win without him. That is not to say that we don’t want him here. He is a world class striker and when he is committed to the cause of playing for Liverpool then we will welcome him back with open arms.”

Will Suarez apologise and ever play for Liverpool again?

And, it doesn’t feel like Arsenal are giving up on Suarez. Still feels like this transfer saga has a while left…