Brendan Rodgers empathizes with David Moyes: ‘I also took over from a club legend in Kenny Daglish’

With Liverpool travelling to Old Trafford this Sunday to face Manchester United, Reds boss Brendan Rodgers drew an interesting parallel between himself and David Moyes at today’s presser.

Rodgers explained that he can empathize with Moyes, especially as he also took over a huge club from a club legend, in Kenny Daglish; while Moyes of course took over from Sir Alex Ferguson.

While the respective situations also differed widely – Daglish’s 2nd spell at the club was a bit of a disaster, so the legend pressure wasn’t quite the same – it is an interesting comparison to make.

Rodgers said it made little impact on him, and that Moyes won’t be feeling that pressure by looking over his shoulder wondering who’s watching him.

A timely piece of advice and support from a colleague for David Moyes.