Break Time: Adriano announces his sabbatical from football

After days of speculation over the whereabouts of tubby Inter striker Adriano, the Brazilian yesterday bowled up in front of the camera’s to make public his decision to take a break from football.

Dressed in beach wear of shorts, a t-shirt, a diamond studded ear-ring and a big smile, Adriano cited personal problems for his decision to opt out of the game, as the troubled star refused to be drawn on how long his absence is likely to last.

Adriano: “I’m not ill as many people have said. I don’t need doctors or psychiatrists. But I just need to stay calm here with my family and the people who love me. I am ready to give up money, that isn’t the important thing in my life. I just need to be away from the jealousy and the continuous gossip. It’s not true that my friends are delinquents. Of course you can find drug dealers in the favelas where I was born but I don’t hang around with them.”

Adriano’s announcement can be seen here.