Brazil’s Neymar practices Parandinha penalty (which he scored with v Chile) ahead of Colombia, scores [Video]

Neymar was one of Brazi’s 5 chosen penalty takers in the Seleção’s World Cup last 16 against Chile last Saturday, and he converted with a risqué Paradinha – a long stutter run, which is designed to force the keeper into a mistake, and draw him into diving early.

It’s a penalty style that many see as counter-productive, as it can play into the keeper’s hands on the flip-side, and has some famous misses to its name (Cristiano Ronaldo in Moscow Champions League final 2009 springs to mind).

But credit to Ney Junior, he converted his Paradinha with aplomb, and by the looks of Brazil’s training today, he looks set to stick with the tried and trusted.

Ahead of tomorrow’s quarter final against Colombia, Neymar practiced his Paradinha. And scored.