Brazilians tell the world: DON’T COME to the 2014 World Cup

This isn’t quite the message Brazil was supposed to convey during the dress rehearsal for the 2014 World Cup, at the Confederations Cup that started last night.

Events before and during Brazil’s 3-0 win over Japan suggest that socially, all is not well in the biggest South American country of all.

Before the opening Confederations Cup match, Brazil president Dilma Rousseff was booed, followed swiftly by Sepp Blatter when the FIFA president called for calm.

And, outside the Mané Garrincha Stadium, police were forced to use tear gas and rubber bullets on protesters.

There are many within Brazil that are angry about the recent lack of free public transportation and the poor conditions of schools and hospitals in contrast to the huge swaths of money that has been spent on making sure football stadiums are ready for the World Cup.

The message below has been carried on social networks and been placed in the comments section on this website. It is not clear, which group/s translated it and started to spread it round online.

Is this the usual scare mongering a year before the World Cup or should Brazil have fixed up its basic necessities before hosting a football World Cup??

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