Brazilian protesters’ anthem ‘Vem Pra Rua’ originally came from…a FIAT ad

‘Vem pra rua’, ‘Come to the street’.

It sounds edgy, anarchic, and anti-establishment, but the song by rock-reggae-funk group O Rappa reverberating through the streets of Brazil over the last week was originally written for…a FIAT ad.

The ad was originally planned to be broadcast in May and throughout the Confederations Cup to incite the youth to ‘come to street’, show their patriotism, and…buy the new FIAT model.

O Rappa’s lyrics have unwittingly proved a prescient and potent weapon in the protester’s cause, with lines like ‘the street is the biggest terrace in Brazil, this Brazil that’s gonna become bigger than we’ve ever seen before.’

Songwriter and O Rappa member (whose singer’s name is Falcão, en passant) Henrique Ruiz, though, told Brazilian site G1 that he was ‘delighted to be participating in such an important moment in the soul of the Brazilian people’, even though he had no intention to write a protest song.

Too bad for FIAT, who’ve decided to pull the ad as soon as the Confederations Cup finishes, and probably won’t be selling many of their new motors.

Although with that pesky bus fare price you never know.