Brazilian Police use pepper spray to eject red-carded player (Genus-Moto Clube)

Chaos broke out in a lower division Brazilian match at the start of the week, when armed police were called onto the pitch to help escort a red-carded player off the pitch. But, with both sides hodling their ground, the police took extreme measures to disperse the angry footballers as they set upon the players with pepper spray.

The incident arose in the match between Genus and Moto Clube in the lowly Rondoniense division in Brazil. Genus were already 3-down when the trouble broke out as midfielder Robson was reportedly dismissed for a poor challenge before he and four teammates reacted angrily and confronted the referee.

With the melee worsening the match officials called for the riot police, fully decked-out with shields and batons, to intervene. However after their initial attempts to quell the situation failed, the police upped the ante by spraying pepper spray in the faces of the offending footballers. That forced the Genus players to retreat from the turf, however with the match soon descending into farce it wasn’t long before the match was abandoned.

According to local reports, Robson and six other Genus players have since resigned over the incident, along with the coach.

Rondonia state vice-governor Joao Cahula has also been forced into action following the heavy-handed police action, with Cahula reported saying “I will talk to the police chief to take all measures necessary. If the policemen overreacted, they will be punished for that.”

The insane footage can be seen here.