Brazilian match-fixing scandal as a league title is won with nine goals in nine crazy minutes (video)

Props to the Dirty Tackle for flagging up this incredible story and footage.

Thursday night saw the conclusion to Brazil’s Maranhao State League second division championship season, with the final round of games delicately poised as the top two clubs – Viana and Moto Club – headed into their final match on the same points. Viana hosted Chapadinha (the sides were held to a goalless draw in their previous encounter earlier in the season) while Moto Club took on Santa Quiteria.

Both matches kicked off simultaneously, with nothing untoward until the final 35 minutes of the season. Then, with Viana already 2-up on Chapadinha, news filtered through that Moto Club were also in a leading position only for Viana to rattle off nine goals in nine crazy minutes to amazingly win the match 11-nil. It goes without saying that Chapadinha simply stopped playing football as they continued to conceded goal after goal as one of the most obvious sights of match-fixing appeared to play out in front of the rolling cameras.

Poor Moto Club simply couldn’t outscore their rivals, although for the record they also romped to victory winning 5-1 including being awarded three penalties in the final eight minutes of the match.

Once the full time whistles were blown and Viana were heralded champions, Viana president Jose Carlos Costa went about trying to convince the media that what had just happened was completely reasoned and above-board.

Costa: “The result was normal… As Chapadinha took the third and fourth goal, and was no longer able to win, they gave up.”

Nevertheless, Viana have not walked away from the incident scot-free, and the president of the Maranhao Football Federation has committed himself to investigating the matter.

“I think it was a scandal. It is something that comes to disgrace Maranhao football. We all know that, under normal circumstances, the Chapadinha wouldn’t lose like that. I’m already drafting an ordinance, requesting an inquiry into what happened in Viana. Soon after determining what happened, we have the Justice Sport.”

The incredible footage of the nine goals in nine minutes can be seen here.