Brazilian legend Ronaldo welcomes Miroslav Klose to the World Cup top goalscorers club on Twitter

Brazilian legend Ronaldo wasted little time extend his public congratulations to Germany striker Miroslav Klose on Saturday night.

Klose, 36, made World Cup history for Germany against Ghana when he scored his 15th goal at the World Cup finals.

The Mannshaft attacker is now level on goals with the Il Fenomeno, however the German still has at least one more match, against the United States, to score one more goal to rewrite the World Cup history books forever.

After the Germany-Ghana game, Ronaldo took to Twitter to write the following statements:

Welcome to the Club #klose I imagine your happiness!!!! What a beautiful World Cup!!!

Welcome to the club #Klose.

In the mother of coincidences, it’s worth noting that Ronaldo broke Gerd Müller’s record in Germany, while Klose equalled Ronaldo’s record in Brazil. Both players were playing against Ghana too.

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