Brazilian advert destroys Atletico Madrid striker Diego Costa after he chose to play for Spain

In recent weeks, in-form Atletico Madrid striker was given the choice to play for Brazil or Spain.

Born in Brazil, ahead of a home World Cup, many thought the forward would choose Brazil but Costa has made it clear he now feels Spain is his home.

Brazilians aren’t best pleased and Volkswagon’s advertisement in Brazil has gone with the brutal tagline, “Unlike Diego Costa, this car fills Brazilians with pride”.

In the radio advertisement, Brazil are beating Spain 1-0 in the World Cup final, but Spain have been awarded a last minute penalty to draw level.

Diego Costa steps up for Spain… but misses. And Brazil are crowned World champions.

The commentator then repeatedly shouts “Suck on that Diego Costa” (‘Chupa, Diego Costa!’). #ChupaDiegoCosta subsequently trended on Twitter.