Brawl-tastic! Macclesfield and Wycombe battle it out in a full scale slug-fest

Wycombe boss Gary Waddock described the brawl as “value for money,” and it’s easy to see why. The FA, though, are unlikely to agree with that assessment.

Violence on the football field is an issue which should receive a zero-tolerance policy, as so one can expect hefty punishments to be dished out to both Macclesfield and Wycombe following their full scale, gloves off, chins out, slug-fest from last Saturday in League One.

The brawl was sparked in injury time after Macclesfield’s Ricky Sappleton appeared to kick out at Wycombe’s Stuart Lewis. Lewis’ Wanderers teammates then immediately turned on Sappleton, who in turn began pushing players at will as the violence escalated rapidly.

Referee James Adcock – who was officiating his first ever Football League match – was left as useless, whistle-blowing bystander as a 21-man brawl quickly spun out of control. The players meanwhile began taking lumps of each other with a series of punches, headlocks and grapples.

Eventually order was restored and home pair Ricky Sappleton and Emile Sinclair, plus Wycombe’s David Winfield, were sent off.

Watch the Macclesfield versus Wycombe brawl.