Branding FAIL: Premier League won’t approve ‘Hull City Tigers’ name change [Sportsmail]

Hull City owner’s Egyptian over Assem Allam didn’t really think this one through!

Just a week before the new season kicks off, Allam had the bright idea to rename ‘Hull City’ the ‘Hull City Tigers’, reasoning that the word ‘City’ is ‘common’ and’ irrelevant’ (”City is also associated with Leicester, Bristol, Manchester and many other clubs”).

Allam is bored with the word City, calling it a lousy identity, and wants Hull to be special, so dreamed up the new name Tigers.

Hull fans outraged at the affront to their club folklore and culture can rest easy, though, as the Premier League are having none of it!

A Premier League spokesman told Sportsmail:  ‘We have not been informed of a change in the name of the actual club, it is the company name that has changed. They will still be known as Hull City as far as the Premier League is concerned when results or fixtures are published.  We understand the move is more to do with their international reputation.

‘If any club wanted to change the club name we would talk to them and see what processes of consultation [with supporters] they had gone through.’

So Allam can call the The Tigers all he wants, but to get it officially recognised ain’t as simple as just telling people; seems there’s a bit of red tape involved.