Brand New: Video of Arsenal’s Samir Nasri breaking his leg in training

Just over ten days ago news spilled out of the Arsenal’s pre-season training camp that French midfielder Samir Nasri had broken his leg, forcing the midfielder to be sidelined for reportedly up to three months.

Footage has now been released of the moment the injury was suffered during the Gunners’ stay in Austria.

The incident came about as Nasri, playing in a training match, managed to steal possession away from Abou Diaby who was the last defender at the time. Somewhat recklessly, Diaby’s instinct at losing the ball was to throw out a leg in an effort to disposess Nasri, however rather than make contact with the ball Diaby crashed into his teammate’s knee.

Nasri immediately was sent crashing to the turf, before a pair of medics eventually carried the midfielder off the pitch.

Video footage of how Samir Nasri broke his leg can be seen here.