Boxing Day Special: Top 10 Fights of 2012

Boxing Day immediately conjures up the image of fighting, so to commemorate one of the great football days in the calendar we thought we’d list the top 10 fight/violent incidents of 2012.

The list below is provided in chronological order.

Let the fights begin!

1. Five sent off as Bradford and Crawley clash on the pitch & in the dressing rooms, March 2012.

2. Footbrawl: A Brazilian footballer attacks a referee before getting arrested on the pitch, April 2012.

3. Crazy Assault: Universitatea staff memeber punches CFR Cluj captain Cadu from behind, May 2012.

4. 12 sent off as clubs Votuporanguense & Fernandopolis come to blows in Brazil, June 2012.

5. Decapitation: Baku keeper Agil Mammadov lays out Damjan Bohar (Mura), July 2012.

6. Nut-Cracker! Rooi Mahamutsa (Orlando Pirates) sent off for a brutal assault on Thabiso Nkoana (SuperSport United), August 2012.

7. Shocking two-footed lunge : Yaseen Nogri (Alta’awon) tries to amputate the legs off Yahya Kabi (Alshulaa), September 2012.

8. Contender for the Craziest Assault of the Season: A Turkish linesman punches a footballer in the face, September 2012.

9. Unbelievable Assault: A mental fan breaks onto the pitch and throttles a linesman (Chernomorets v FC Metalist), October 2012.

10. Marouane Fellaini’s shocking headbutt on Ryan Shawcross, December 2012.