Bosnia let off smoke in Belgium

Bosnia’s 4-2 victory in Belgium was one of the standout results on Saturday, with the Eastern Europeans leapfrogging their opponents into second place in the group, and opening up a two-point gap on their victims.

However the result was tarnished by the behaviour of the Bosnian supporters, who forced a lengthy disruption to the match in the second half by hurling numerous smoke bombs on to the pitch. With the stadium engulfed by a thick fog, the match referee had little option but to withdraw the players back into the dressing room while Bosnia coach Miroslav Blazevic appealed for calm on the loudspeaker from his fellow countrymen.

And as may have been expected, Belgium coach Rene Vandereycken blamed the smoke bombs for the defeat.

Vandereycken: “The match turned at the interruption. It was tough to restart afterward. I was very unhappy. There was the danger that the match could have been stopped and lost 3-0 by default.”

However, from the other side of the looking glass one must ask why the Belgium stewards failed to stop the Bosnian fans entering the Cristal Arena with smoke bombs on their person, with serious questions of security having been raised.

Footage of the incident can be seen here.