Borussia Dortmund’s Kevin Grosskreutz apologises for taking a leak in the lobby of a hotel [Bild]

Kevin Grosskreutz is quickly becoming one of the most notorious footballers in Europe for his wild antics.

Weeks after the Borussia Dortmund midfielder was accused of throwing an extra spicy kebab in the face of a Cologne supporter, Grosskreutz has again found himself in the firing line for relieving himself in the lobby of the German national team hotel.

According to Bild, after Dortmund lost the German Cup final to Bayern, Grosskreutz and some of his teammates when out partying to try an numb the pain of losing.

Grosskreutz reportedly drank too much, and on his return to the Hotel Berlin, the BVB star was said to have urinated on a statue in the lobby of the hotel.

Grosskreutz has now apologised for his newest round of bad behaviour, saying:

I was totally frustrated after the game. We had planned so much, we really wanted to win the cup. I had a blackout. I’m sorry.