Borussia Dortmund fans break into Bayern’s stadium, plaster their crest in the VIP box

The hype has already begun in Germany.

This upcoming Saturday in the Bundesliga brings a must-watch, top of the table clash, as reigning champions Borussia Dortmund (2nd) travel to perennial powerhouse and current league leaders Bayern Munich.

The excitement around the fixture is already snowballing at a rate of knots, with Dortmund coach Jurgen Klopp forced to fend off questions about Bayern in his pre-match presser before Tuesday’s night match with Fortuna Düsseldorf. Now, however, a new video posted on YouTube has made sure that tensions between the clubs rise ahead of kick-off following an unbelievable prank executed by a handful of Dortmund fans.

Titled ‘Bavaria fool – in the VIP lounge’, the video films a few Borussia fans breaking into Bayern’s Allainz Arena. Once inside the ground the intruders made their way into the Munich VIP box at the stadium, at which point that plastered a huge Dortmund crest onto one of the glass windows.

Is this real? Sadly it’s isn’t. It’s just a viral campaign for a spraychalk company.

Watch the sensational (and a little bit criminal) Dortmund prank below.