Bored during the summer, Hibs and Hearts beat the crap out of each other in Edinburgh

A violent video was posted onto Facebook overnight in Scotland which is quickly going viral.

The video claims to show a group of Hibs and Hearts hooligans beating the crap out of each other in Edinburgh city centre on Saturday whilst people in cars and bystanders on streets tried to make their way through the Scottish capital.

Whether the men in the video are indeed fans of Hibs and Hearts is impossible to verify, yet the violence speaks for itself.

The eye witness video, which begins with two traffic wardens running away from the scene of the carnage, captures rival groups of men duking it out in the middle of the street on Saturday afternoon.

Amid a series of punches, kicks, and weapons being tossed between the factions, the most graphic image comes towards the end of the video as one thug used a bald man’s head like a football dishing out a horrific kick.

Watch the shocking fight between Hibs and Hearts fans below.