Booing Beckham: Goldenballs is heckled by his own Galaxy fans (video)

As home welcomes go this was particularly unfriendly.

David Beckham returned to the Home Depot Centre on Sunday night to face his own fans for the first time since returning from his six-month loan stint at AC Milan, however the superstar was greeted by boos rather than open arms. After the tittle-tattle in the press between Beckham and Landon Donovan over the past few weeks, in which the former England captain was accused of being unprofessional by the United States forward, it was little surprise to see the Los Angeles fans getting on Becks’ back.

And so it proved, with a host of banners (pictured) dotted around the pitch making sure that Beckham understood how negatively his return was being received. However, controversially, one supporter appeared to go a step too far by confronting Beckham face-to-face.

According to reports at the halftime interval Beckham approached the hardcore Galaxy fans who were responsible for the bulk of the abuse being dished out in his direction. The 34-year-old footballer was then said to have tried to hurdle a barrier as well as appearing to make a “come on” gesture to one supporter in particular. With tensions boiling, security stepped in to hold back both Beckham and the said fan to defuse the situation.

After the match Beckham attempted to excuse his behaviour saying “I tried to shake one of the guy’s hands but he didn’t want any of it. That’s the way it is.”

UPDATE: Footage of the confrontation between Beckham and the LA Galaxy fan can be seen here, while brilliant HD eye-witness footage from a different angle can be seen here.

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