Bojan Regoje (FK Slavija) throws a babyish hissy-fit in Bosnia (video)

With international week virtually draining football dry of fresh action this week, happily we have stumbled across a brilliantly awful piece of footage for you from last weekend’s second division action in Bosnia between FK Slavija and Zeljeznicar.

The numpty at the centre of the action is FX Slavija’s 28-year-old captain Bojan Regoje.

Sadly, for a supposed leader of a team, Regoje ended up looking the fool after throwing an unbelievably babyish hissy-fit following a knock in the face at the tail-end of the match last Saturday.

After going up for a header with opposition forward Lazar Popovic, Regoje received an unintentional whack in the face which, after stumbling several paces on his feet, sent the number four crashing to the turf in dramatic fashion. Whether upset by the referee’s failure to stop play or by Popovic’s attempt to make amends after the collision, from riding around on the grass in apparent agony Regoje then flipped out as play came to a halt.

Going from one extreme of grabbing his face as if it was about to fall off, to turning physically aggressive a split-second later, Regoje looked like he was suffering a total meltdown on the pitch. His angry spilled out in a scatter-gun manner as Regoje began battling with his own teammates, then the referee, before finally turning his anger on his own team doctor who was trying to administer some treatment.

Bojan Regoje’s momentary mental breakdown can be seen here.