Blindside Attack: Stijn Stijnen (Belgium) takes out Yoshito Okubo (Japan)

A funny clip from last Saturday’s match at the Kirin Cup between hosts Japan and Belgium.

With the Asian World Cup qualifiers just around the corner, Japan sent out a strong side against Belgium, romping to a 4-nil victory to leave their guests slightly red-faced.

The fourth goal, a lovely 77th minute Kisho Yano strike on the stretch from Nagatomo’s left cross, proved the last straw for visiting keeper Stijn Stijnen (pictured). Heading into his net one time too many, the keeper lost his head and angrily lashed out by punting the ball out of his goal, without even the hint of an afterthought as to where the ball might travel.

Unfortunately for Japan’s number 16 Yoshito Okubo it was a problem of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Stijn Stijnen’s attack on Yoshito Okubo can be seen here.