Blackburn’s Jack Walker is turned into a Burnley fan (video)

Tensions ahead of the East Lancashire derby intensified this week after a rogue group of Burnley fans recorded themselves infiltrating Blackburn’s Ewood Park and dressing up Jack Walker’s statute as a Claret supporter.

For those not in the know, Jack Walker was the famous Blackburn chairman who helped Rovers win the Premier League title back in 1995 after pumping millions of his own money into the club. After passing away several years ago, the club commemorated Walker by erecting a bronze figure of the former chairman at the front door of the ground.

The prank is a serious slap in the face of Blackburn fans, who have reportedly retaliated by spraying slogans around Turf Moor and a nearby pub as tensions grow before the match.

The Burnley prank, which includes some filthy language, can be seen here.