Bizarre! Italy legend Rino Gattuso was serving burgers at McDonalds on Tuesday [Video]

We’ve heard of some crazy jobs after football but surely there were better alternatives for former Italy midfield warrior Gennaro Gattuso before applying to serve customers in McDonald’s?!

Indeed there were!

World Cup winning midfielder Gattuso was only behind the counter for the sake of an advertisement set to be aired in Italy but he apparently did serve customers for the best part of two hours!

You certainly can’t say he was ever anything but industrious on the pitch and he’s taken that work ethic to the fast food industry!

Of course, we can imagine that there might have been a bit of adjusting to do with the Italy legend so closely associated with football. Greeting customers would need to be worked on, “Would you like a crunching tackle with that?” and engaging in a two footed slide before he received an answer simply wouldn’t suffice.