Bizarre! After an Italian goalie dropped a clanger their opponents gifted them a generous fair play goal [Video]

A bizarre sequence of events was recorded in a lower league match in Italian on March 9th in a match between Fersina and Dro.

The Serie D game witnessed an amazing incident of fair play as Fersina gifted Dro a goal after their keeper dropped a clanger.

Things began to unravel when a Dro midfielder fell to the floor after taking a knock, and one of his teammates kicked the ball out of play so medical attention could come on the pitch.

When the play restarted Fersina tried to give the ball back to Dro’s goalie, however the keeper proceeded to concede one of the worst goals of the season as the ball dribbled through his gloves and legs and into the net.

Although many would have felt Fersina had nothing to feel guilty about over the manner in which the goal came about, the hosts nevertheless decided to allow Dro to walk the ball into their net to square up the match in an amazing act of fair play.

Fersina ended up drawing the match with Dro 3-3.

See the mental footage from Italy below.