Taking the piss! A match in Kuwait is stopped for three minutes as a keeper goes to the toilet

Incredible scenes played out in Kuwait on Friday as the match between Al Sulaibikhat and Al Kuwait was stopped for three minutes as the home keeper jogged off the pitch to go to the toilet.

While the referee has it in his discretion to hold up a game, such instances almost never happen in world football at any level of the game.

The strange episode did not pass without a conspiracy theory.

Al Sulaibikhat lost the match 5-1 in front of their own fans, and many were quick to suggest that the toilet break was a tactic employed by the home team to try and get a timeout in the contest. As we now know however, whether or not that was the reason for the stoppage, Al Kuwait failed to lose their tempo in the mini-break, going on to win the match handsomely.

Watch the weird footage of the Al Sulaibikhat keeper stopping the match to go to the toilet below.

(Credit to @Soccerissue for the spot.)