Bizarre: A group of Irish lads meet the real Ronaldo on

Irish teenager John Griffin has got in touch with us on Twitter to show us an amazing video of how he and his mates ran into the real Ronaldo on an internet chatroom this week.

Griffin and a group of his chums had their online run-in with Ronaldo on

Griffin told Irish sports site The Score about what happened.

We were playing a bit of FIFA and then were on chat roulette for about 10-15 minutes. There was one guy left over. A guy came up on the screen and it said ‘location: Brazil.’ [It was Ronaldo!] He said ‘I love you guys’. He was on for about one minute — he could hear everything we said. He didn’t say much [else].

Although Griffin was able to concretely verify that the person on his computer screen was the former double World Cup winner, as you can see from the pictures below it looked highly likely the internet surfer was indeed Ronaldo.

Watch the bizarre video below.

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