Bitter Pep Guardiola seeks revenge rematch between Bayern and MLS All-Stars next summer [SBNation]

Pep Guardiola was pretty ticked off at the rough tactics the MLS All-Stars used in their ‘friendly’ against Bayern Munich.

So much so that he wouldn’t even shake the opposition manager’s hand, persistently ignoring Caleb Porter’s attempts to make peace.

Rather than forgetting about the game, Guardiola apparently immediately sought revenge, with quotes reported by SB Nation.

The Bayern manager said: “We tried to play and we did. Congratulations to MLS for this victory. I hope they are going to invite us next year to try and make revenge and I hope to prepare a little bit better. Now, we will be sure [about] what was going on. We will prepare much better, that we will do it. I hope our invitation is coming.”

If he’s getting this worked up about a friendly we can expect to see Guardiola blow a fuse at some point in the new season as teams try to frustrate the German champions.