Biro-Biro mocks Nike’s famous Ronaldinho ad

Antonio Jose da Silva Filho, more commonly referred to as Biro-Biro, has released a brilliant video poking fun at Nike’s famous Ronaldinho ad in which the Brazilian superstar was seen smashing the ball repeatedly off the bar in an apparent display of his amazing ball skills.

Ronaldinho’s famous Nike ad can be seen here.

By way of background to the star of the show, 49-year-old Biro-Biro is a retired Brazilian footballer who enjoyed the majority of his career for Corinthians from 1978-1989. Playing as a defensive midfielder, Biro-Biro scored 75 goals in 592 appearances for the club, making him Corinthians’ fifth highest capped player in their history.

Now, onto the video.

In a seemingly low-budget production (which only stands to add to the comic value) Biro-Biro, sporting his trademark blonde Keegan-esque hairdo, went out of his way to rip off Ronaldinho’s moves, beginning by juggling the ball from the sideline to the centre of the pitch from where he launched the ball onto the bar.

But, unlike the Ronaldinho ad where the whole coo was to convince viewers that the footage being shown was “real” and not digitally produced, Biro-Biro’s video then went out of its way to mock its precedent. And rather than simply continue hitting the ball on the bar and back again, the retired footballer decided to use a series of different items from which he could rebound the ball off.

See Biro-Biro’s ad here.