Bilbao’s Ander Herrera talks about Manchester United’s failure to pay his buyout clause

It was a Deadline Day farce as Manchester United incredibly left all their summer transfer dealings to the final day.

They missed out on Bilbao target Ander Herrera and today he gave an interview explaining what happened during the negotiations.

He told reporters that there was never an agreement with Manchester United as they never offered to pay his buyout clause.

Herrera made it clear he was happy at Athletic Bilbao and never even discussed a contract with Manchester United.

Credit to @sardinetrawler and @CheGiaevara for translating the interview for us.

He said “I’m very flattered that a club like Manchester United made an offer for me. At no time did I have an agreement with Manchester United” (This means he didn’t accept to lower his wages)

“The people who turned up at the LFP headquarters were not representing me. I do not even know who they are”

“I was never told that Manchester United would pay the clause. I’m just telling you what happened and at no moment whatsoever did I even speak with Manchester United about a contract”

“Look, they made an offer. The president told them what they had to do; pay the clause.”

“I will continue to play for Athletic in the same manner that I have been doing since I first got here”

“I don’t feel bad that United dropped their interest. I’m just happy the champion of one of the biggest leagues wanted me.”