Big Trouble in Little China: Jonathan Vergara slaps the stuffing out of an opponent

Mad footage from Thursday’s action in the Chinese Super League as one of the most violent attacks seen for quite some time lead to Jonathan Vergara’s dismissal in the last minute of the match.

The setting was the fixture between Beijing Guoan (in the green) and the Dalian Shide (in the blue), in which Lu Jiang’s last-gasp goal secured a hard-fought victory for Beijing as the capital club opened up a two-point lead at the top of the Chinese Super League.

After seeing his team throw away a point at the death, Dalian’s Jonathan Vergara lost the plot by unnecessarily attacking Beijing’s Yang Hao. The flare-up began when Vergara, a bystander at the time, saw Hao come together with another Dalian player in the centre of the park. Opting to get involved, inexplicably Vergara then turned on Hao, first by throwing his opponent to the floor and then by lashing out which a series of slaps on his victim.

Cue the melee as players from both sides tries to break up the fight. Eventually order was resolved when the Vergara was shown the red card, but interestingly it should be noted that the referee only awarded a yellow card against Veragra for his vicious and unruly behaviour – although that happened to be the player’s second booking of the match.

Jonathan Vergara’s attack on Yang Hao can be seen here.

Full match highlights can be seen here.