Bernd Schuster caught swearing at Athletic Bilbao, as Raul snubs Sergio Ramos?

Troubling is brewing in Madrid following Real’s 3-2 win over Athletic Bilbao last weekend, with two issues whipping up a frenzy in the Spanish backpages since the match.

The first issue surrounds the conduct of Madrid manager, Bernd Schuster, as camera’s appeared to catch Schuster making provocative hand gestures towards the Bilbao bench during the game. Andoni Iraola, who scored the penalty which drew Bilbao level on the night, had harsh words for coach Bernd Schuster, saying “Schuster was swearing and a club such as Real Madrid should not have a coach with that attitude.”

Video footage of the incident can be seen here.

The second topic to have the Spanish knickers in a twist revolves around rumours of a fall-out between Sergio Ramos and club captain Raul. Cameras caught Raul apparently giving Sergio Ramos the cold shoulder when the forward returned to the bench after being substituted. Pictures showed Raul exchanging a half-hearted handshake with Ramos while avoiding any eye contact with the defender, before Raul then opted not to sit next to the 22-year-old, but rather choosing to leave an empty seat in between.

Video footage of the incident can be seen here.

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