Benitez avoids labelling Cristiano Ronaldo as The Best in the World, puts Bale in the same bracket [Video]

Rafa Benitez was put in a tight spot at his press conference today, when he was asked if he believes Cristiano Ronaldo is the best player in the world.

The new Madrid boss instantly found himself in a dilemma: tow the party line and massage Ronaldo’s ego, or give a more honest, objective assessment?

Benitez chose the latter, and avoided labelling Ronaldo as the best in the world, something Carlo Ancelotti never hesitated to do when given the opportunity.

Amazingly, Benitez actually went further ad sought to bracket Ronaldo as just another top player among many top players, naming Benzema and Bale alongside him.

‘It’s difficult to say who is the best player in the world, because there are so many players at such a high level at any given time.

I think Ronaldo, Bale, Benzema, James…they’re all up there; from there one can put one ahead of another as he sees fit, but I think describing Ronaldo as ”one of the best” is sufficient.

It’s like asking a daughter to choose between her mother and her father; it’s always difficult.’