Beitar Jerusalem fans in trouble again as a lighter strikes a linesman on the head

Beitar Jerusalem have hit the headlines again for all the wrong reasons.

The club from the Holy City suffered a double whammy Monday night as they slumped to a 2-1 home defeat to Maccabi Haifa, while their fans brought the club into disrepute when a lighter was thrown from the crowd which hit the linesman on the head.

The incident occurred on the stroke of halftime as Haifa were in the process of a corner.

As Maccabi captain Yaniv Katan was lining up the whip the ball into the mixer, the play was dramatically held up when the lino sunk to the floor after being hit by a lighter. Whether the target of the missile was supposed to be the official or the Haifa captain is debatable, however in either case the behaviour of the Beitar fans was deplorable.

Sadly this has not been the only unsavoury episode at Beitar’s Teddy Stadium this season. Back at the end of October Beitar Jerusalem fans were accused of racism after Hapoel Tel Aviv striker Toto Tamuz was sent off for a ‘shush’ goal celebration.

Watch the Beitar lighter assault on linesman below.

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And there is more, as the attack on the lino wasn’t the only reported assault at the game on Monday night.

A group of around 30 Beitar’s ultras, some masked, are being accused of beating up an innocent Haifa fan after the game ended. The fan, Asaf Gadiel, was reportedly lynched by the mob outside the Teddy Stadium as he was trying to make his way home, and during the attack the supporter was cracked over the head by a crowbar as his was lying on the floor whilst bleeding.

A shocking photo of Gadiel’s head after the attack can be seen after the fold.

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