Bees carry a sting in Mexico-El Salvador World Cup qualifier

One of the craziest sights seen during the latest round of World Cup qualifiers arrived during Mexico’s match with El Salvador. Only two minutes had passed at the famous Azteca Stadium when Guatemalan referee Carlos Batres stopped play at the request of Salvadoran goalkeeper Miguel Montes because a swarm of bees or wasps had taken up residence in the El Salvador net.

What followed was almost comical.

With players and officials unsure what to do, it took a while before a couple of fire extinguishers were carried onto the field, after which the insects were enveloped in a fog of whatever it is that fire extinguishers contain.

The bees and wasps didn’t seem to mind. In fact it just sent them airborne and they settled again on the midfield sideline, a large number coming to rest on a television microphone, whose operator banged it on the ground to dislodge the insects before he and the bees were again soaked in fire retardant.

Eventually, after a roughly 10-minute delay, the game resumed.

Footage of the bees on the microphone can be seen here, while longer footage of the full bee incident can be seen here.