Becks’ Bashing: Landon Donovan regrets not speaking directly to David Beckham (video)

The war of words between LA Galaxy temmates Landon Donovan and David Beckham continues to play out in the US media as the pair continue to relay messages to one-another via television broadcasts.

After Beckham hit back at claims at the weekend that he has been unprofessional and shown a lack of commitment since joining the MLS, Donovan has now delivered a new set of soundbites to ESPN in which the US striker admitted regret over having failed to speak directly to Beckham about his performances, but falling short of taking back the substance of his comments.

Donovan: “I’m not going to apologise for the way I feel. What I feel badly about is that I should have been a man and told David how I felt as opposed to telling a reporter.”

Landon Donovan’s interview with ESPN can be seen here.